Program Partners

WPHAWPHAWisconsin Public Health Association

The Wisconsin Public Health Associaiton, Inc. (WPHA) is a non-profit affiliate of the American Public Health Association (APHA) with the mission of building a healthier, safer Wisconsin through policy and partnership. WPHA partners with WPHCA in running the Wisconsin HealthCorps program and is also the key liaison in recruiting Public Health Departments as host sites.


Central Wisconsin Environmental Station

CWES is a 200-acre teaching and learning center located 17 miles east of Stevens Point on glacial Sunset Lake. They are part of the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point College of Natural Resources program and are staffed with professional natural resource and environmental educators. Their mission is to foster in adults and youth the appreciation, understanding, skill development, and motivation needed to help them build a sustainable balance between the environment, economy, and community. Since our program’s inception, we have held our member orientation at CWES. Members have been able to meet their peers, learn about their upcoming service terms, and participate in team building exercises while being immersed in nature.

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