Apply to Become a Host Site

Am I Eligible?

  • Must be a tax exempt not for profit organization
  • Members can be placed at Community Health Centers, Public Health Departments, and health focused non-profits throughout Wisconsin
  • Must have a site supervisor to provide direct supervision of the member(s)
  • Have adequate resources to support the member (computer, telephone, desk space, supplies, etc.)
  • Member activities should be geared towards improving the health of Wisconsinites. Specifically: increasing access to care, providing health education, and recruiting and managing volunteers to build the capacity of  the organization and advance its mission.

How To Apply

*Note: The application for the 2017-2018 program year is closed.We will begin accepting host sites applications for the 2018-2019 program year beginning in March 2018.

Please click the link below to view our application instructions:

Host Site Application Instructions 2017-2018

Any interested organizations can reach out to Kysa Stocking, Program Coordinator at 608-443-2956 for the complete application form.

Host Site Perspective

Hear from one host site on the impact their members have had on their organization.


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