2018-2019 Open Positions

UPDATE: 10/18/18

We are no longer accepting applications for 1700 hour positions for the 2018-2019 Program Year. Please check back soon for more information about our 2018-2019 Limited Term Positions or email kstocking@wphca.org with questions.


The Wisconsin HealthCorps program is pleased to announce its host sites for the 2018-2019 program year! At least one member will be serving at each of these organizations over the course of the next program year (September 2018 – August 2019) and performing a variety of activities related to improving health outcomes in communities throughout Wisconsin.

To apply, click on the flag widget to the left, or click here.

If you have already applied to our program through the AmeriCorps Portal, please reach out to Kysa Stocking (kstocking@wphca.org or 608-443-2956) to discuss placement options at the sites below.

Sites listed in alphabetical order. Click on the position titles to learn more!

Open Positions 

Filled Positions

  • Children’s Health Alliance of Wisconsin
    • Health Coordinator: Position Filled
  • Dane County Department of Human Services 
    • BadgerCare Outreach Specialist: Position Filled
  • Eau Claire County Health Department
    • Community Health Liaison: Position Filled
    • Alliance Community Health Liaison: Position Filled
  • Family Health / La Clinica Community Health Center
    • Outreach Coordinator: Position Filled
  • Lakeshore Community Health Center
    • Outreach and Enrollment Coordinator: Position Filled
  • Lakeshore Community Health Center/NEW AHEC 
    • Outreach and Enrollment Specialist/Health Career Experience Coordinator: Position Filled
  • North Eastern Wisconsin Area Health Education Center (NEW AHEC) 
    • Youth and Social Cohesion Coordinator : Position Filled
  • Progressive Community Health Center 
    • Patient Outreach Coordinator: Position Filled
  • Scenic Bluffs Community Health Center 
    • Community Wellness Specialist: Position Filled
    • Oral Health Education Specialist: Position Filled
  • Sixteenth Street Community Health Center
    • Women’s Wellness: Position Filled
    • Women’s Wellness:  Position Filled
    • Healthy Choices: Family Programming: Position Filled
    • Healthy Choices: Community Projects : Position Filled
  • UW Health and Center for Patient Partnerships 
    • Community Health Coordinator: Position Filled
  • Waushara County Health Department 
    • Health Project Coordinator: Position Filled
  • Winnebago County Health Department 
    • Community Health and Prevention Project Coordinator:  Position Filled
    • Community Health Transportation Project Coordinator: Position Filled
    • Healthy Lifespan Project Coordinator: Position Filled

Map of Host Sites 2018-2019